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Our Mission

We believe that people are at their best when convalescing in their own home, feeling safe, comfortable and in familiar surroundings. Whether recovering from treatment, living with medical conditions, or growing old gracefully, home is where we long to be when facing change in our lives and we are here to facilitate this.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to ensuring that our private nurses and carers suit your medical needs, personal wishes and fit seamlessly into your life. We work with families, friends, existing support networks, and multidisciplinary teams to ensure transparency and to keep the client’s needs at the centre of every decision.

Our care co-ordinators are experts at ensuring you receive outstanding care personalised to your needs, providing reassurance and structure while remaining flexible to the changing circumstances that often present themselves. You can rest assured that you and the team working with you are being supported by our care managers every step of the way for both clinical and holistic support.

Exceptional private Nursing and Care at home

Aegis Care Solutions' bespoke services are created by experts to meet the needs of individuals.

Our compassion, confidentiality and attention to detail are just some of the things we know our clients value.We have built our reputation on being professional,organised and efficient.

Our Values


Everyone is different and so are your care needs. We adapt all our care to suit your individual requirements and wishes to make you comfortable at home.

During times of need, our nurses and carers are highly trained and prioritise discreet care and dignity for every client.


Nothing is more important than our health. With a wealth of experience, Aegis Care Solutions are a trusted, reliable and dependable provider of homecare and that is reflected in everything we do.

Outstanding homecare is about including all parts of the person’s health and wellbeing; from mind and body, quality time with family and friends and spending time in familiar surroundings. All these areas need to be taken into consideration when making plans for your health. Therefore, planning a holistic care approach that is friendly, professional and inclusive is vital.


Delivering compassionate care is essential to ensure you or your loved one get the support they need. Our services involve recognising and responding to your needs with empathy, while maintaining your wishes and dignity. Our dedication to making your life less stressful is achieved by remaining open, honest and approachable at all times.

If you'd like to find out more about our care home or our services please contact us on 0113 467 3545 and a member of our professional team will be delighted to help you.
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