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Our Values, Vision and Mission

Our Values


Our organisation is built on our core values which are in line with the five foundational principles of care. The five main principles of care are: dignity and respect, compassion, to be included, responsive care, support and wellbeing. Alongside these five main principles we also believe in appreciation for others, showing empathy   and demonstrating integrity in all that we do. We also believe it is important for us to take pride in the level of care we provide to our clients and service-users.

Our key commitments underpin everything that we do:



Harnessing our vast experience and knowledge, we see through the eyes of those whose lives we affect, identifying their needs and providing healthcare that works.





We treat our team members, clients, service users, partners and suppliers with mutual respect, sensitivity, and care, valuing their ideas and contributions always.




We always show enthusiasm and commitment, and our greatest reward is witnessing the happiness and health of our clients, personnel and service users.




Strong relationships come from maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards, so we promise to care for the communities we serve and our environment.






​Crucial in all of our service delivery and interactions with staff is the continued need to feel compassion for service users and colleagues.  Compassion is wrapped around the company and is absolutely a driving force at point of service delivery.  The very basis of what we do and how we have gained our reputation is by ensuring our staff on the front line are driven by compassion.​







​As a care worker, we believe it’s important to place yourself in your client’s shoes. What would you feel in their situation? How would you react? If we build a greater understanding of our client’s mindset and behaviour, we can care for them much better, empathy helps the carer provide the individual support they need and creates a more personal caring relationship between the client/service user and carer.








Our goal is to assign care-givers who can provide the same level of care they would to their own family. We understand that no one wants to be cared for by somebody new every week. Our team takes extra steps to ensure you only have a select few carers who are all specialised in the field that is relevant to your needs. Our goal is to provide the utmost comfort and independence to you or your loved one.

From the very beginning we have always wanted to bring the best care services to people of all ages, all cultures and all abilities. We deliver an inclusive home care service where everyone is special and all service-users are treated with the same quality of care.

To reduce travelling time for carers, we structure and allocate our staff near to the client. Our main mission is to focus on the needs of our clients and to provide a service that is holistic. We are committed to achieve our objectives through reviewing our services and by welcoming feedback from our clients and their representatives. We ensure that we are providing, at all times, excellent services which comply with CQC Regulations and underpinning Government Legislation.


We recognise personal merit and do not allow for stereotyping of prejudice.
We will actively encourage diversity to maximise achievement, creativity, innovation and good practice, which is beneficial to all individuals and communities within our organisation.

We encourage all people who work with us and for us, to feel comfortable in expressing how they feel and asking for help knowing that they will be treated with respect and their contribution will be valued.

Our Mission 

We at Aegis Care Solutions, beleive that when a person is convalescing in their own home, feeling safe, comfortable and in familiar surroundings they are at their best. Whether recovering from treatment, living with complex medical conditions, approaching the end-of-life stage or growing old gracefully, home is where we long to be when facing change in our lives and we are here to help you to manage the change comfortably and without stress, or worry. 

We take pride in our commitment to ensuring that our private nurses and carers can cater suitably to your medical needs, personal wishes and fit seamlessly into your life. We work with families, friends, existing support networks, and multidisciplinary teams to ensure transparency and to keep the client’s needs at the centre of every decision.

Our nurse-led teams are experts at ensuring you receive outstanding care personalised to your needs, providing you with the routine, structure and reassurance you need while remaining flexible and equipped for the changing circumstances that can often present themselves. You can rest assured that you and the team working with you are being supported by our nurse managers every step of the way for both clinical and holistic support.

Our aim is to enable all people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures receive the best care, in a comfortable environment and for us to always provide for our service-users the level of care that we ourselves would expect to receive.  

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